What is Boothers?

More people = more fun! We're all about “open-air” design, think pop up studio.  Our photo booth system means that your guests are not constrained within an enclosed box while taking their photos. This allows for a much larger group of people to use the booth at any given time. 

What should our guests expect to do?

To use our photo booth, your guests will:
– choose their props
– touch the “start” button on our interactive touch screen
– get ready for 4 shots!
– pick up 2 copies of the 2×6 print

What does the 2×6 Print look like?

The prints will be a collage of the 4 shots + a logo/artwork or message of your choice.
Please see some of the samples at our Gallery Page & our Artwork Sample Page 

What kind of printer do you use?

We use high quality Dye Sublimation printers. Dye Sublimation printing does not have printing dots like that of inkjet printing; so it provides a much higher photo image quality. In addition, each print has an over-coating protective layer that is water and fingerprint resistant and can make the photo last up to 50 years under normal environments.

Do my guests really receive unlimited prints?


Can I provide my own backdrop for the photo booth?

Absolutely. If you have an event designer that will be providing pipe & drape at your event, we may be able to use that for your backdrop. We also welcome DIY backdrops in fabric or other materials. Please contact us to discuss!

Can the photo booth be placed outdoors?

Yes it can, however the area needs to be covered and on leveled ground. In case of windy situations, we may not be able to use a backdrop (safety first!). – But the photo booth can still be operated with the venue’s natural environment as a background.

Will I get the digital files?

Yes, a disk of images will be provided for you. Your guests will be able to download/share images via Facebook.

Is the deposit refundable?

The deposit you pay to reserve one of our photo booths for your event is non-refundable