What your next event needs the most.

While some people may feel the Photo Booth days are over and out-dated, statistics and trends show that on the contrary, it could actually be one of the most important entertaining features of any event you could have!

Wedding industry statistics from The Knot.com show that guest entertainment is on the rise. Going to a wedding to eat, drink, celebrate, then eat too much, drink too much and spill champagne on your tie, is no longer the quintessence of a wedding. That is so 20th century. Celebrations these days are much more engaging and involved than ever before. 
In 2010, 15% of brides incorporated additional guest entertainment into their wedding, which was an increase from 11% in 2009. Imagine what statistics are now in the year 2016! Even back in the year 1999 A Millennium Report conducted by Brides Magazine in the USA revealed that 81% of guests said “the thing they remember most about a wedding is the entertainment”

So why a Photo Booth?

If you are worried that it will make your wedding or event like every other wedding or event, don’t be! Whether you’re planning a modern and white themed wedding, or a more rustic, earthy and woody one, the energy and vibe of your wedding will naturally translate to the Photo Booth so it won’t stick out like a sore thumb/drunken uncle. 

Photo Booths are perfect for when iPhones or smartphones just can’t do the job. They can capture the group shots, full-body shots, and close-ups, without accidentally cropping out someone’s face or coming out blurry (like many selfies do after a couple of champagnes). And who wouldn’t enjoy posing with a moustache prop? Even your Grandma will have fun, and probably think the prop “LOL” means ‘lots of love’. Mine does. 

Giving your guests an activity like a Photo Booth will make the event much more memorable not just for them, but for you as well. 
Author: Olivia Langdon, Boothers